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12 GIFs Of People Dancing Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Rug: cut. Moves: busted. Groove: gotten. Have a dance party in every room of your home with Apple Music x Sonos.

1. Killer Mike's moves definitely run in the family.

2. This "experimental" move:

3. This dad who can't contain his enthusiasm:

4. These two dancing fools:

5. This crazy-satisfying loop:

6. These ladies who know how to start the day right:

7. This heartbreaker's killer moves:

8. This stone-faced duo:

9. This four-legged Fred Astaire:

10. These two rock stars:

11. This moonwalking scene stealer:

12. And this tiny businessman:

All images courtesy of Apple Music and Sonos.

Feel like dancing? Apple Music on Sonos turns your home into a dance party anytime you want. Which, let's face it, is all the time.

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