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14 Things You Won’t Believe There’s An App For

THERE ARE SO MANY APPS IN THIS WORLD. As for the kind you eat, Applebee’s has you covered.

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3. Recording every noise you make while you sleep.

If you're known to talk in your sleep (or simply want to discover what embarrassing things you might do at night), Sleep Talk Recorder is the app for you. The audio recording runs all night, capturing whatever sayings, snores, or other noises you might make. You can then share your favorite tracks with other users!

9. Identifying birds.

If you've ever seen a cool bird and wanted to know what it was, then Merlin Bird ID is seriously the app you've always needed. The app was developed by the Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University, so you can bet on it being awesome and reliable!

14. Literally keeping your hands warm.

Pocket Heat is simple. The app uses so much energy that it causes your phone to rapidly heat up, providing warmth for your hands in the winter! Maybe this isn't exactly the best thing to do to your phone...but staying warm is important!

There is literally an app for everything!

Try some awesome new apps (the kind you eat!) at Applebee's.