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14 Things You Won’t Believe There’s An App For

THERE ARE SO MANY APPS IN THIS WORLD. As for the kind you eat, Applebee’s has you covered.

1. Putting virtual makeup on...

Perfect365 is a free app that applies makeup and hair styling to your photos! Selfies have never been so glam. Aaand you can get creative with who you put makeup on.

2. ...and drinking a virtual beer.

iPint lets you pretend your phone is a pint of ice-cold beer! Just tip your phone to "drink" it. Because why not?

3. Recording every noise you make while you sleep.

If you're known to talk in your sleep (or simply want to discover what embarrassing things you might do at night), Sleep Talk Recorder is the app for you. The audio recording runs all night, capturing whatever sayings, snores, or other noises you might make. You can then share your favorite tracks with other users!

4. Speaking in cat language.

Finally, a way to "talk" to your cat. Human-to-Cat Translator is loaded with hundreds of samples of meows from real-life cats that you can play to your cat! Some swear the communication really works.

5. Consulting a real dermatologist.

Got a weird skin problem? First Derm is an app that lets you send a picture (anonymously, thank goodness) to a certified dermatologist who will respond with their opinion within 24 hours!

6. Doing your math homework.

Take a picture of math equations, and PhotoMath will solve it for you AND show you all the steps to arriving at that answer. It's a great shortcut to learning math!

7. Instantly turning your pictures into dark, artistic landscapes...

This one's for everyone's who's too goth to get on board with sharing happy, colorful photos. Despair automatically adds some gloom 'n' doom to any photo you take!

8. ...and instantly turning your pictures into 8-bit creations!

8-Bit Pocket Camera is another photo-enhancing app. This one turns your pictures into 8-bit masterpieces, just like a certain iconic handheld video game from the '90s... ;)

9. Identifying birds.

If you've ever seen a cool bird and wanted to know what it was, then Merlin Bird ID is seriously the app you've always needed. The app was developed by the Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University, so you can bet on it being awesome and reliable!

10. Seeing what kind of plugs are used all around the world.

Hey, plugs are important. Use Plugs of the World as a handy guide before you travel, or just if you're curious about...plugs and electricity?

11. Avoiding people you know.

Cloak is an antisocial media app that shows you which friends have checked in around you can avoid them! You'll never run into an ex or annoying co-worker again. Hopefully.

12. Managing details of your relationships.

Maybe remembering important deets about your S.O. isn't your strong suit. Amazing Girlfriend Manager lets you keep track of important details in a relationship, so you'll never forget an anniversary, gift, or date again!

13. Automatically texting rap lyrics to your friends.

RapKey is an app that lets you automatically respond to texts with rap lyrics. I mean, who WOULDN'T want that in their life?

14. Literally keeping your hands warm.

Pocket Heat is simple. The app uses so much energy that it causes your phone to rapidly heat up, providing warmth for your hands in the winter! Maybe this isn't exactly the best thing to do to your phone...but staying warm is important!

There is literally an app for everything!

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