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Paid PostPosted on Jul 17, 2015

16 Ingenious Products That Will Make Your Summer So Much Better

Nothing like the experience of something better. Applebee's is inviting you to try their NEW, bold handhelds menu. #TasteTheChange

1. Pepperoni Pizza Towel

When you're baking in the sun, make sure to make the experience better with this pizza towel. Get yours delivered here.

2. MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter

Whether you're cruising the boardwalk or the park, the MonoRover R2 takes transportation to a whole other level. Get one here.

3. Survival Laces With Fishing Line!product-page/csi5/4284e41d-8c88-3722-7911-a5d0a591212c!product-page/csi5/4284e41d-8c88-3722-7911-a5d0a591212c

Paracord, fishing line, fire starter — bring it to a whole new level with these survival laces. Lace up here.

4. Instant Badminton Court

Don't delay hitting your shuttlecock. Instantly pop up this badminton court this summer. Serve one up for yourself here.

5. BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

Clean energy brought to you by fire. Bring electricity to your campground and charge up with the BioLite Campstove. Get fired up here.

6. Automatic Following Golf Trolley

Tee off with your personal robotic caddy. Level up your golf game here.

7. Heimplanet Inflatable Tent

Tangled tent poles no more! Pop up your tent by inflating this Heimplanet tent. Purchase yours here.

8. Kickball Ice Cream Maker

Kill two birds with one kickball. Treat yourself with some homemade ice cream after burning all those calories playing kickball. Don't kick yourself by not getting one here.

9. Selk'bag Original Sleeping Bag

Rock the fashion trails this summer in these wearable sleeping bags. Get cozy here.

10. Eco Terra Waterproof Boom Box

Don't let water stop the party. Bring your favorite playlists to the beach or pool with the waterproof boom box. Turn up here.

11. Sandless Beach Mat

One less place for annoying sand to find its way. Lie out comfortably with this sandless beach mat. Get one step closer to sandy freedom here.

12. Fire Coloring Kit

Turn your ordinary campfire into this colorful spectacle. By burning the metals in the fire coloring kit, you can make the entire spectrum appear through the flames. Get yours here.

13. Quiksilver True Business Wetsuit

Make the beach more classy by suiting up. Not just a wet suit, but a literal suit and tie. Suit up here.

14. iDevices iGrill Mini

Monitor the wellness of your favorite cuts of meat in a whole new way this summer. Whether you're a fan of medium rare or well done, you can link the device directly to your phone. Step up your BBQ game here.

15. Motorized Cooler Scooter

Maneuver around your block party at a top speed of 12 mph while chilling your favorite refreshments. Get yours here.

16. Grillbot

A GRILL-CLEANING ROBOT, PEOPLE! A. GRILL-CLEANING. ROBOT! Bring the future to your grill here.

Oh, and of course, Applebee's bold new handhelds.

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