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12 Grill Disasters That'll Make You Thankful Restaurants Exist

Where there's smoke, there's disaster.

1. Sure, you start with the best of intentions. But things go wrong.

2. 🔥 Oh, how they go wrong... 🚒

3. The BBQ gives up on BBQing.

4. Fire doesn't stay where it should.

5. Golden corn becomes black.

6. And burgers no longer look like burgers.

7. 🚒 🚒 🚒

8. The fence... Not even the fence is safe.

9. Sure, sure, sure. Your mistakes ~can~ look kind of stunning.

10. But most often...nope.

11. ::heavy sigh where you question your life choices and hope that things get better::

12. (Wrong. They just get worse.)

Whelp. You tried. If 🍔 becomes 🔥, take a trip over to Applebee's. We'll handle the grilling.