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12 Lunch Pick-Up Lines You Can't Unhear

Lettuce pretend like you didn't just say that.

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1. "Hey babe, you look like you like to eat."


2. "Looking at you from afar, you really guac-ed my socks off."

3. "I think you're soup-er. Speaking of soup, wanna grab some?"


4. "You know what, you make me wanna be a cheddar person."

5. "Your beautiful eyes are bacon me crazy."

6. "I think we go together like ham on rye."

7. "Our conversations have really been feeding my empty soul."

8. "Come on, give me one good raisin not to date me!"

9. "Listen, even if you don't wait for me, I'll ketchup to you."

10. "You deserve a 24-carrot engagement ring."

11. "I mean, imagine how pretty our kids would be if we bread!"

12. "Well, you've changed my life for the better, and I'll never pho-get about you."

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