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13 Times NBC's "A.P. Bio" Factually Depicts Teacher Problems

NBC's new show A.P. Bio is here for the #TeacherLife.

1. Tardiness is a problem for teachers as well as kids.

2. Being a teacher is just like any other that some days it's actual work.

3. The school vending machine is your cafeteria.

4. But you barely get time to eat because you can't leave these kids alone for more than two seconds.

5. Some kids are super engaged...

6. ...but some take a little work to get motivated, so you gotta make it interesting — even if it gets slightly weird.

7. But, of course, as soon as you go off book, admin walks in.

8. You get tired of being cooped up in the same classroom all day.

9. Sure, the teachers' lounge is where teachers hang out and gossip...

10. ...but the REAL teachers' lounge is, of course, the bar.

11. And you're gonna need it, because some days have you feeling like:

12. But as soon as the next bell rings, you're back in the fray because you love those kids...

13. ...and your weirdo coworkers.

All images courtesy of NBC's A.P. Bio.

A.P. Bio understands that, some days, teaching our country’s future leaders is a tough job, but someone's gotta do it! Watch Glenn Howerton NOT teach advanced placement biology class to unwitting high school kids in A.P. Bio, premiering Feb. 1 on NBC.

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