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Revolutionary Hall And Oates Music Videos

Hall and Oates are definitely in touch with the world!

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Artists through the years have made it a point to use their chosen medium to make a statement. This is true of music as well. Hall and Oates in particular have used their music and music videos from the 70's and 80's to make statements about things going in the world.

1. "Family Man"

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This song is about a man that was approached by a prostitute and the man declining because he has a family. Though the animation is a cartoon against the live action, the cartoon woman flashes between being a woman and a dollar sign.

2. "Out of Touch"

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This song is not entirely political, but there is one section in particular that can be interpreted as such. The lines “Smoking guns, hot to the touch/would cool down if we didn’t use them so much.” It may not be against a particular war, but it speaks against war in general.

3. "Possession Obsession"

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This song in general is ahead of its time, talking about the greed and constant wanting that plagued, and continues to plague society. However, the video has other important things, like two men holding hands in a taxi, not something that the media covered in those days.

4. "Everything Your Heart Desires"

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This song talks about not wanting more and appreciating what you have in life. Someone might seem to have it together, but everyone has struggles. There is one particular shot where video zooms in on a girl during the line, “She cries herself to sleep at night.”

5. "Bebop Drop"

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In the opening shot, the woman takes control of the radio. Even though this song was released in the late 70’s, women were (and STILL are) fighting for equality and powerful position. This image speaks strongly to this fight.

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