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Women's History Month 2017: Day Without A Woman To Be Held March 8

Show solidarity for the ladies in your life!

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The Women's March organizers have been busy since their march on Washington, D.C. They are continuing their movement by hosting the Day Without A Woman on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Women are encouraged to participate and men are welcome to show their solidarity as well.

Ashley Paskill

For Women

Women are urged to take the day off of paid or unpaid labor, including work, housework, and childcare. They can show their solidarity for the day by wearing red, even if they cannot take time off work. All women should try to refrain from shopping on this day. though, if they have to, they can shop at a local or woman-owned stores. All of these actions are to show the world what women have done and how much of an impact they have on everyday life.

For Men

Men are encouraged to tell the women in their lives how much of an impact they have. If they live with a woman, they should commend the woman for all she does at home and elsewhere. Male workers can do the things they expect the women in the workplace to do. All men can wear red in solidarity of the day.

Ashley Paskill

For more information and to sign up to receive updates about the event, go to the Day Without A Woman website.

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