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12 Types Of Roommates Everyone’s Had By The Time They're 30

There’s no doubt you’ve encountered one (or a few) of these interesting characters in your apartment-living past. If you're still living with one, is here to help you find a perfect new living situation.

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1. The hibernator:

This is the one you never see because he stays in his room all the time.

2. The workaholic:

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She's never home from work before you go to bed.

3. The slob:

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He is the one who never cleans up after himself and always leaves at least one dirty dish in the sink.

4. The neat freak:

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She is the person who flips out the first time you leave one dirty dish in the sink.

5. The only child:

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He has serious sharing issues.

6. The partier:

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She stumbles in after 4 a.m. and wakes up everyone else...every weekend.

7. The couch potato:

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He says he goes to work but somehow is always home watching TV or playing video games.

8. The talker:

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She wants to chit-chat ALL THE TIME.

9. The shower hog:

He takes never-ending showers every morning AND every night.

10. The serial dater:

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Her dating life is more complicated than most TV dramas.

11. The bottomless pit:

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She eats all her food and then all your food.

12. The significant other:

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They don't actually live with you, and they definitely don't pay rent, but they are always around.

You know 'em, you live with 'em, and if it’s time to leave 'em, can help you find the perfect new place.