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7 Stages Of A Girls’ Summer Vacation As Told By Kim Kardashian-West.

No matter where you go on your girls' vacation, you will definitely experience this.

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1. Booking the holiday.


You’ve been talking about it for months, now it’s finally going to happen and you’re getting the hell outta here.

2. You've been saving for months.


You’ve been saving for so long, and now you think you’re rich. It won’t last long.

3. Selfies.


Be prepared there will be selfies.. A LOT of selfies.

4. Nights out.


You’ve left your other half at home and want to let loose with the girls. TEQUILA please.

5. The morning after.


Maybe you went a little too crazy last night. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

6. Time to go home.


You’ve had the holiday of a lifetime and now you know that the only thing waiting for you at home is your partner. You probably should have got him a souvenir.

7. Back to reality.

You’re back home. Where nobody gives a shit about your holiday and doesn’t like your Instagram pics. Get over it.

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