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25 Reasons British Summer Is Actually Pretty Damn Great

No cloud is going to stand in the way of our BBQs. Especially when has everything you need to enjoy your summer at home, no matter the weather.

1. People may think that this is what British summer looks like:

2. But little do they know, it's actually pretty excellent.

3. As soon as a whisper of sunshine reveals itself, crowds will gather on the streets outside pubs clutching delicious pints.

4. Thousands of jugs of Pimm's will be concocted up and down the country.

5. And then there's the ALFRESCO DINING PEOPLE.

6. We have got this picnic thing DOWN.

7. Even if it's just a cuppa in your garden, IT STILL COUNTS.

8. Because there's nothing like just spending the afternoon sitting in your garden catching some rays.

9. And chasing down the ice cream van for one of these.

10. Or opening the freezer to find a batch of these and feeling like a kid again.

11. And eating fish and chips by the seaside is basically THE perfect summer day.

12. And the seaside looks like this, FYI.

13. Don't bother getting into the "whose park is better" debate, because you WILL lose.

14. Like, who could argue with this?

15. Pub gardens > swanky beach bars all day, every day.

16. We're pretty proud of our gardens.

17. And when it comes to the rain, we're pretty patient.

18. It's certainly not a good enough reason to cancel BBQ plans.

19. We never cancel BBQ plans.

20. Absolutely never.

21. If anything, we embrace the downpour because without it we would never see rainbows. Why would we ever want to deprive ourselves of that joy?

22. And is it even a music festival if it doesn't look like this?

23. British pride is best enjoyed during one of the many summer sporting events...

24. matter the weather.

25. But perhaps the best thing about British summer is the fact that us Brits really appreciate it – so much that we'll sit on the floor to enjoy every second.

It’s all the little things that make one big summer, and at, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy all 94 days of it at home, come rain or shine.