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Which Squad Member Are You?

Have you ever asked yourself; "Who am I?". This quiz probably won't help you discover the answer, but it's a good way to procrastinate for a few minutes. Especially if you're into the squad au belonging to yours truly. Enjoy! - Ahnzi

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  1. Who do you root for in Eurovision?

    Italy, with a fierce passion
    Spain, out of a sense of duty
    I mostly mock the entire event and don't care about the results
    As long as our song isn't in English, it's fine
    I don't understand Eurovision
  2. Who, in an ideal world, would you surround yourself with aside from The Squad?

    Usually a group of really good looking girls whom I love
    My best friend
    Backup dancers, an orchestra, and men more handsome than Eisuke
    If people are surrounding me, something has gone horribly wrong
    Not Baba
  3. Coffee or tea?

    Only the finest coffee
    Coffee, with milk and sugar
    Coffee, black
    Either one, depending on the moment
  4. Pick a favourite ancient quote

    Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.
    Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
    Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own.
    Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.
    Advice is judged by results, not by intentions.
  5. How do you get rid off an enemy?

    Ruin their life
    Someone else gets ordered to deal with it properly
    Plant evidence and let them cause their own demise
    Avoiding them is more than enough
  6. Pick a lingerie set you'd wear

    Dark blue, or leather if in the mood for it
    Dark purple and lace
    Red lace with garter belt
    Just normal white ones
    Black with some finer details
  7. Pick a city

    Paris, France
    Cannes, France
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    New York City, USA
    Capri, Italy
  8. What do you use a credit card with unlimited funds for?

    Real estate
  9. Memes, yes or no?

    Heck yes
    Only when applicable
  10. A guy approaches you in a bar, how would he act in order to get lucky?

    I'm not interested either way, he should leave me alone
    I'd be amused by his attempts, but I'm not interested in men
    If he's cute, I'll give him a chance
    He needs to be interesting, smooth, and confident
    I prefer to initiate, approaching me has a fairly small chance of success
  11. Favourite animal?

    All felines
  12. And finally; pick a card, any card!

    Queen of Spades
    Jack of Spades
    Ace of Spades
    Queen of Hearts
    Ace of Clubs

Which Squad Member Are You?

You got: Amelia

You're most like Amelia! Maybe you, like her, live by "Do no harm but take no shit", or maybe your life motto/philosophy is entirely different. This quiz isn't exactly a science, is it?

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You got: Rosalie

You're most like Rosalie! Chances are, you're sneaky, a bit secretive, maybe a little guarded. You're a valued member of the team, however, whether the team is just you or a group. Which doesn't make sense, but neither does this quiz.

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You got: Eleonora

You're most like Eleonora! Fiercely loyal, protective, hiding cleverness behind occasional memes... maybe that's you, I wouldn't know, but it's definitely Eleonora. They're good qualities to have, especially in a group of excellent women.

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You got: Charlotte

You're most like Charlotte! Quiet, generally disinterested in human company, and a fantastic shot. Perhaps only the first two apply to you, but in quizzes, a majority wins. Besides, if you're creative you don't really need to be a good shot.

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You got: Carmelita

You're most like Carmelita! Ah, the resident flirt. No broken hearts, though, you know how to keep things in the spur of the moment. I would wager you try to live life to the fullest, in whichever way you feel that would be. Maybe you don't, but that's alright. She hasn't always done that, either.

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