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Why Anxiety Helper Could Get You Through Anxiety And Depression

A new twitter account has just launched specifically to provide support to sufferers of anxiety and depression and to provide a new way of looking at anxiety and your recovery from it.

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1. Anxiety helper isn't a doctor

Anxiety helper isn't a doctor, in fact hes a gaming technology student from Scotland, but he's got years of experience dealing with anxiety and related depression. He has been through anxiety relating to GAD and OCD with advice on a number of symptoms that come along with anxiety involving sensorimotor OCD, depression, feelings of de-realisation, anxiety attacks and IBS.

2. He has a new way of looking at anxiety and a specific method for stopping it

Anxiety helper has a personalised method of recovery aimed specifically at avoiding coping mechanisms and calming exercises such as mindfulness, meditation, hypnosis, meds, diet and physical exercise. His method is primarily geared towards facing anxiety head on in order to more permanently lower your anxiety levels.

3. He's already helping people

As of writing this, anxiety helpers twitter page has 150 followers in less than two weeks made up purely of people he has directly helped whether it be a simple random message of support to someone suffering with anxiety, or an in depth conversation with several of his followers, talking them through their anxiety and how to go about beginning or continuing there journey to recovery.

4. He's starting a Youtube channel

Anxiety helper has announced his intention to create a youtube channel, posting videos detailing his recovery method in a variety of specific situations to help you better relate his recovery method into your own life. He intends to be entirely viewer influenced, meaning his viewers will suggest what he should make videos on in terms of what aspects of anxiety and depression to discuss for the sake of the anxious community at large

5. You don't need to buy anything

So many websites out there, claiming to be able to cure anxiety in all its form have one thing in common, price. All these sites charged exorbitant amounts of money for things like DVD's, memberships, herbal tea's and supplements. Anxiety helper gives up his method completely free, all that he asks in return is that if it helps you spread the word and support the cause to help as many people get over there anxiety as possible. If you like the sound of this, check out his page at Anxietyhelper on twitter, you don't even need to follow him to see his tweets! he urges anyone who finds him and is suffering from anxiety to check his page and message him personally if they need help.

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