15 Times Retailers Made High Fashion Affordable For You

From runway to retailers.

1. Balenciaga/ Mango

Catwalking via Getty Images,

The skirt’s pin detail and the marble print were the main aesthetic of Alexander Wang’s first debut collection at Balenciaga (left). You can buy a similar skirt at Mango for $59.00 (right). The Balenciaga skirt is $845.00.

2. Mary Katrantzou/ Mango

Tim Whitby/Stringer via Getty,

Mary Katrantzou’s entire fall/winter ‘13 runway collection (left) featured digital prints and was incredibly awesome. The Katrantzou dresses are $4,710.00 but the Mango shirts (right) are $59.00 each.

3. Balenciaga/ Topshop

These Balenciaga biker boots (left) were the shoe of the season, so of course Topshop (right) would want to make a similar boot. The Topshop boot retails for $229.99 and the Balenciaga boot is $1,275.00.

4. Givenchy/ Topshop

If you don’t want to spend $3,230.00 on the Givenchy Antigona bag (left) stop by Topshop (right) and grab this bag for $72.00.

5. Kenzo/ Topshop, Catwalking via Getty

Kenzo (left) put eyes all over everything (pants $325.00 and jacket $1,450.00) on its runway and Topshop (right) decided to do the same but for $84.00.

6. Saint Laurent/ Zara

Saint Laurent (left) made the men’s version for $1,295.00, while Zara (right) made these boots for women for $99.90.

7. Celine/ Zara

Catwalking via Getty,

Celine (price not available) made a simple white dress (left), so Zara (right) made a simple white dress for $79.90.

8. Celine/ Zara, PIERRE VERDY via AFP / Getty

Who wouldn’t want this long white floppy white coat (price not available) by Celine (left)? Zara made it affordable for us (right) for $129.00.

9. Givenchy/ Zara, Dominique Charriau via Getty

Givenchy floral roses (left) print (the dress above cost $1,440.00) was made famous by Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala and Zara (right) brought the print to the masses starting at $35.90.

10. Givenchy/ Zara

Victor VIRGILE via Getty,

Givenchy (left) has included these graphic prints all over its runway for a while now, and Zara (right) has definitely got in on the fun. The Givenchy Bambi sweater cost $1,375.00 while the Zara retails for $59.00.

11. Lanvin/ Zara

Lanvin made cerulean PJs (left) for $489.00 and then Zara (right) also made cerulean PJs (price not available). This design overlap is basically the cerulean speech scene from Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestly puts Andy in her place for laughing during the fashion run-through. Watch the scene here.

12. Philip Lim/ Zara

These Philip Lim (left) and Zara (right) bags are basically the same. But the difference is the Philip Lim bag goes for $825.00 and the Zara bag is $179.00.

13. Prozena Schouler/ Zara

Proenza Schouler (left) made this multicolor ps11 bag ($1,225.00) that is amazing, and so Zara (right) made an equally amazing one that retails for $79.90.

14. Alexander Wang/ Zara

It depends on which color platform sandals you really want: Alexander Wang (left) made them in black and then Zara (right) made them in a brownish nude (price not available). It also depends on how much you want to spend because the Wang sandal will run you $450.00.

15. Stella McCartney/ Zara, Pascal Le Segretain via Getty

Stella McCartney made this super modern suit with a long pin-striped jacket (left), so Zara (right) also made a long pin-striped jacket (price not available). The Stella McCartney look will cost you $2,495.00.

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