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22 Reasons You Need To Move To Berlin Now

Berlin is where you need to be.

1. You can party and party and party and party and party for an entire 24 hours.

There are places that are open non-stop on the weekends.

2. Apartments are insanely LARGE and cheap.

3. Berlin U-Bahn Fare: Unofficially free.

Flickr: 11204783@N03

The official short distance fare for Berlin is € 1, 50 but no one pays to ride the subway.

4. Plus they're beautiful!

5. Berghain, Kater Holzig, and Sisyphos are out of this world.

Kater Holzig


Berghain, Kater Holzig, and Sisyphos are the three craziest nightclubs in Berlin.

6. Berlin has the trash collection game on lock.

Flickr: 49169620@N00 / creative commons


Flickr: 53876389@N08 creative commons

Berlin has 170 museums!

8. The electronic MUSIK.

The Berlin School of electronic music was a style that emerged in the 1970s.

9. You can bike everywhere.

Flickr: 75698896@N00 creative commons

There are bikes lanes on almost every street in Berlin and it is a completely flat city.

10. And everyone drinks in public.

Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

Chancellor Merkel takes a drink during the opening of Oktoberfest in Berlin.


12. CLUB-MATE (redbull and coffee).

13. Mauerpark flea market has everything you will ever need.

14. 2,500 PARKS IN THE CITY.

Flickr: paolomargari creative commons

Read more about Berlin's 2,500 parks here.

15. Wannsee, the fresh water lake, you can SWIM IN!

Miguel Villagran / Getty Images

16. You can swim in the nude.

There are many nudist swimming areas in the city.

17. Street art in Berlin is everywhere you turn.


Street art is such a big part of Berlin's identity that the city even allowed part of the Berlin Wall to be covered in street art.

18. The food is insanely good: Kaffee und kuchen (coffee and cake).

Here is a list of awesome Berlin coffee shops.

19. Döner kebabs.


Pork sausage served with fries and topped with ketchup and curry powder.

21. The monuments.

Staff / Reuters

Berlin Wall.

ErikdeGraaf/ErikdeGraaf / Getty Images

The TV tower on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Flickr: 13597419@N00

Berlin Cathedral.

22. Last but not least the HOFF is a national treasure.

Tobias Schwarz / Reuters

Watch the Hoff's 1989 performance here.