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    11 Of The Most Insanely Expensive Items From Jay Z's Barney's Collection

    Hova's holiday collection costs a pretty penny.

    1. Mollino Crocodile Jacket, $58,000.00

    Rick Owens collaborated with Jay Z on this all black croc jacket which cost more than the median household income in the United States ($51,017.00).

    2. 18k Gold Shawn Carter Watch, $33,900.00

    Can't afford the 18k gold Shawn Carter? The Black Ceramic option is a cool $17,900.00.

    3. Gold New York City Ring, $12,500.00

    This HOORSENBUHS 18k bling is an expensive stocking stuffer.

    4. Colorblock Cashmere Throw, $4, 500.00

    The Elder Statesman throw is one costly blanket.

    5. Leather And Suede Camo Windbreaker, $3,100.00

    This En Noir windbreaker will cost you lots.

    6. Crocodile-Trim Stamped Leather Duffel Bag, $3,195.00

    Jay teamed up with Proenza Schouler to craft this pricey duffle.

    7. Embroidered Leather Boxing Shorts, $ 2,590.00

    These leather boxing shorts are fancy.

    8. Slim-Fit Two-Button Jacket, $2,495.00

    This Lanvin and Jay Z jacket is impressive but not cheap.

    9. Oversized Zip Duffel, $1,795.00

    If the Proenza Schouler duffel is too expensive Jay Z offers a second less expensive option in collaboration with T. Anthony.

    10. Mixed Exotics Baseball Cap, $875.00

    Jay Z collaborated with Just Don to produce this all leather baseball cap.

    11. Rounded Frame Sunglasses, $675.00

    These sunglasses are one of the more affordable items the line offers.

    But at least Jay has the perfect model for his new line: