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Tell Us Your Physical Therapy Recovery Story

Let's help motivate people currently going through physical therapy.

For some people going through different health issues, physical therapy can be an especially grueling step in the recovery process.

But it's a necessary step — whether it means being able to function again on even a basic level or getting back to being as physically active as before.

If you're someone who's been there, then you might have a story that you'd like to share.

Maybe you overcame doubts and fears and a shit ton of pain. Maybe physical therapy helped teach you how strong you really are, both physically and mentally.

Maybe you hurt yourself playing a sport you love, and physical therapy helped you recover enough to get back into it.

Maybe you have a specific health condition that required multiple surgeries, and physical therapy helped you get back to living a ~normal~ life again.

Perhaps you were in an accident (like a car crash) that took away your ability to do certain everyday activities. Physical therapy helped make some of those things possible again.

So tell us: What's your physical therapy recovery story?

Tell us in the comments or via the dropbox below. Why were you in physical therapy in the first place? What was it like going through it, and how did you feel about it? How long was the process, and how did you feel once you finished? We want to know as much as you can tell us. It's possible that some of these may be long, but tbh, the more detail the better. Bonus points if you have before-and-after photos or any pics of you on your journey to recovery. So don't hold back — your story and advice could inspire others as they go through physical therapy.

Your story could be featured on an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.