Here's What Actually Gets Mosquito Bites To Stop Itching

    Just don't scratch... Stop it.

    Summer is great for lots of things. Mosquito bites ain't one of them.

    FYI: It's actually your own body that's creating that itch.

    Okay, so now what? Which mosquito bite hacks actually stop the itch?

    Let's go through some of the most common remedies...

    Taking a warm bath might sound soothing, but it's a bad idea.

    Sorry, alcohol won't do the trick.

    Honey, too. It's super sticky anyway.

    Topical antihistamine sprays could work...temporarily.

    Marking an "X" with your fingernails and using spit? Nope.

    Lemon, basil, and other botanicals might work.

    Getting cold can really help.

    But the best line of treatment is actually a steroid cream.

    Here are 9 more body hacks that will totally come in handy one day:

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