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How Has Sobriety Made Your Life Better?

Because you probably have a whole list.

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When it comes to personal decisions, going sober just might be one of the most life-changing ones.

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It takes a lot of willpower to give up something that (probably) every one of your friends does on a semi-regular basis, that supposedly makes whatever you're doing ~more fun~, and that you're exposed to on a pretty constant basis.


Or perhaps you realized your drinking was a way of self-medicating, and becoming sober helped you find your way.

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Maybe it motivated you to find a doctor or therapist to talk to, and they gave you the actual professional help you needed. Or maybe you were just drinking to forget about a problem that seemed too daunting to take on, and now that you're sober, you've not only climbed that hill but gone sky high.


So let us know how sobriety has improved your life.

You can write your story in the comments, and if you want to send pictures too, you can do that via the dropbox below. Feel free to include details like how long you've been sober or why you decided to make this change.

By the way, we're aware that getting sober can be an incredibly difficult and painful process, as well. We're in no way implying that this is always easy or rewarding all the time. That said, we hope you'll share what impact it's had on your life so far, so that your story may help someone else who's currently getting sober or considering it.

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