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Jan 28, 2018

If You Overthink Too Much, This Quiz Will Tell You

*Overthinks taking this quiz and cries*

  1. 1. Do you replay conversations in your head hours later because SURELY you came off the wrong way or you offended someone or it was awkward, and now you're worrying?

    DreamWorks Pictures /
  2. 2. Do you usually take longer than you should getting dressed because really, your outfit has to be JUST RIGHT? (Plus, who knows what's gonna happen?)

    Paramount Pictures /
  3. 3. Are you indecisive AF about big decisions, because, what if it all goes wrong? WHAT. IF.

    DreamWorks Pictures /
  4. 4. Do you ruminate about what people really meant after saying ~that thing~ they said?
  5. 5. Are you constantly wondering if you forgot to do something, like lock your door or turn off the stove?

    Disney /
  6. 6. Do you rehearse what you're going to say just about a million times before an important conversation so that there's absolutely no way you'll stumble on your words?

    Miramax /
  7. 7. Do you even rehearse how you'll react to the other person's responses, then internally freak out when it doesn't play out like that?
  8. 8. Do you stay awake at night thinking about your day, or about everything you have to do tomorrow?

    Universal Pictures /
  9. 9. Are you constantly wondering why someone hasn't texted you back when they responded LITERALLY RIGHT AFTER THE TEXT YOU SENT BEFORE THIS ONE.

    VH1 /
  10. 10. When someone texts you "OK" or "K," does it makes you consider all the possible ways you did them wrong?

    NBC /
  11. 11. Could you could write a whole book of irrational worst-case scenarios for different situations because, let's be honest, you can never be too prepared?

    Warner Bros. Pictures /
  12. 12. Do you randomly get distracted thinking about something super embarrassing that happened years ago?

    Twitter: @sewkx
  13. 13. Are you an expert at decoding and interpreting any and all social media statuses?

    NBC /
  14. 14. Do you always end up deleting statuses or tweets because you're worried people will take them the wrong way?
  15. 15. Do you ever wake up after a night of drinking worried about all the terrible shit you must've said or done while drunk?

    Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

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