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Here's A Quick Zika Explainer For Anyone Headed To Rio

Let us help you avoid infection.

With the Olympics quickly approaching this week, the one thing that seems to be on everyone’s minds isn’t the world-class athleticism that’s about to go down in Rio...

Or all the gold-medal-winning faces we're about to see...

Nope. Instead, everyone’s talking about the Zika virus.

So much so that athletes from around the world — mostly golfers, but also basketball players and cyclists — have given up their chance at winning gold over concerns that they might get infected. Meanwhile, lots of other spectators getting ready to fly down are probably wondering, “Is it really worth the risk?”

The answer: It depends. There are definitely some things to consider before going to a country where Zika is especially prevalent. Even if your front row seat to the games is on your living room couch, this list will help you understand what’s really going on with Zika in Rio.

1. Stay home if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant soon.

2. If you’re not pregnant, you’re (mostly) good.

3. But keep in mind that being in a Zika-affected area means you need to be careful for the next few weeks/months.

4. Your actual risk of getting Zika is probably low.

5. But you should obviously be vigilant about avoiding mosquitos as much as possible.

6. There are other health risks you should know about.

7. If you haven’t gotten immunized, now’s the time. Like, right now.

8. Zika prevention doesn’t end when you get on the plane back home.

If all that’s taken care of, you’re probably going to have a fuckin blast.