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What's Your Favorite Part of Foreplay?

We're looking for more than a quick fondle.

Sooo sex is lots of fun, right? But there's something that can make it even more fun, and that's foreplay.

Not only does it make everything more fun, but it's also kinda important.

So we want to know what you like to do during foreplay — or what you like done to you during foreplay.

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Maybe you just like to cuddle with your partner and kiss, touch, or massage their body.

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You might start by stroking their hair or rubbing their back before slowly working your way down to other parts of their body. Maybe you even tease them a little and take your time so that they'll crave you more.

Or perhaps it's a striptease that enraptures them.

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Maybe there's even a little roleplaying and dirty talk involved.

Maybe you're really enjoy going down on them.

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You might even have an arsenal of tricks in that department, like knowing how and where to lick or suck or apply pressure. Hey, maybe you discovered that the trick is to use your hands and your mouth at the same time.

Or perhaps you do a really slow build, like texting them about what you want to do them throughout the day, so when the time comes they'll be READY FOR IT.

So, what foreplay tips are actually great or surprisingly underrated?

Tell us in a couple of sentences what you think other people should try because it's worked for you. Don't hold back! We want to know all the details, especially if you're talking about certain techniques. Your advice could help others tap into a sexual realm they never knew about.

Leave your tips and tricks in the dropbox below and they might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.