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What's An Amazing Reason To Work Out That Has Nothing To Do With Weight Loss?

Like having the strength to complete one pull-up. JUST ONE.

When it comes to fitness, weight loss isn't everything. Tbh, it's really just one reason some people might exercise. There are literally tons of other reasons to work out, too.

If you have a reason to work out besides losing weight — or changing your body in general — we want to hear about it!

(Not that there's anything wrong with having the goal to change your body, it's just not what we're exploring in this particular post.)

Maybe you've always wanted to run a marathon, and finally decided that this year is going to be THE YEAR.

Or maybe you're a traveler who's tired AF of always struggling to carry your bag upstairs, and you're not going to take it anymore!

Perhaps you're just trying to be more active AND you've wanted to ride your bike more. So now you're going to do both.

Maybe you want to learn something new, like ballet or pole dancing.

Or maybe your goal is to finally, FINALLY accomplish a single pull-up.

So tell us: What's your fitness goal that's unrelated to weight loss or any other body composition goal?

Leave a sentence or two in the box below and feel free to get as detailed as you can. Tell us about what your goal is, why you decided this was going to be the year you got it done, and what you hope to get out of it — along with anything else that you think needs to be said.

Your submissions could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.