19 Things That Will Make Coffee Lovers Say "More Please"

    *sips coffee* *handles everything like a boss*

    1. First and foremost, it tastes freakin' delicious.

    2. And it smells like heaven on earth.

    3. It makes you more alert.

    4. It may even help you remember more.

    5. It's a good source of some of the same antioxidants you'll find in fruit.

    6. It can be warm and comforting on a cold day...

    7. And cool and refreshing on a hot day.

    8. It might help prevent several chronic illnesses...

    9. And some cancers.

    10. It's probably good for your liver.

    11. It gives you a good reason to relax.

    12. It has a laxative effect on some people, so it might help you poop.

    13. It can actually make you happier.

    14. You can brew it in so many ways...

    15. And you can have it sourced from anywhere in the world.

    16. It's a mesmerizing work of art when you add cream to it.

    17. It brings friends together...

    18. And it can help you make new ones.

    19. And finally, it could improve your athletic performance.

    So, go forth and drink ALL the coffee!