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    19 Things That Will Make Coffee Lovers Say "More Please"

    *sips coffee* *handles everything like a boss*

    1. First and foremost, it tastes freakin' delicious.

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    Some might say that's debatable — but not I.

    2. And it smells like heaven on earth.

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    I mean, even people who don't like coffee like the smell. That's how you know it's good.

    3. It makes you more alert.

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    Obviously. But really, the caffeine in your cup has been shown to enhance cognitive performance and reduce mental fatigue so you can concentrate better and be more productive.

    4. It may even help you remember more.

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    According to one study, all that caffeine can improve your ability to store memories over a 24-hour period. And drinking coffee is also associated with a decreased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

    5. It's a good source of some of the same antioxidants you'll find in fruit.

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    Even better than fruit, according to one study, at providing beta-carotene, vitamin C, and alpha-tocopherol — a type of vitamin E.

    6. It can be warm and comforting on a cold day...

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    Like one of those fuzzy-feeling type of hugs.

    7. And cool and refreshing on a hot day.

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    It's like ice-cold water on steroids. (I'm sorry. I can't hear you telling me it's not over the sound of me guzzling down this coffee.)

    8. It might help prevent several chronic illnesses...

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    Like type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis, for example. In all of these studies, researchers concluded it was probably the caffeine that did it — although some researchers say there could be other components in coffee that play a role.

    9. And some cancers.

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    Like basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. Meanwhile, other studies have found links between high coffee consumption (regardless of whether it was caffeinated) and a lower risk of colon and prostate cancer.

    10. It's probably good for your liver.

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    A systematic review of several studies found that people with a higher risk for liver disease — like smokers and those who drank a lot of alcohol — who also drank 2-3 cups of coffee per day did better on liver tests when compared to people who didn't drink coffee. People who already had liver disease were also less likely to have it progress to cirrhosis, and people with hepatitis C saw a better response to their treatment when they drank more coffee. The researchers believe these benefits come from caffeine as well as other antioxidants within coffee.

    11. It gives you a good reason to relax. / Via

    Instead of taking it to go, sit down for a few minutes and sip on your coffee — it's a great opportunity to practice mindfulness.

    12. It has a laxative effect on some people, so it might help you poop.

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    And don't we all appreciate a good poop? 💩

    13. It can actually make you happier.

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    Because caffeine enhances dopamine signaling in the brain, which is a ~feel good~ neurotransmitter. Plus, other research found that drinking coffee was associated with a lower risk depression and suicide.

    14. You can brew it in so many ways...

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    Instant, drip, moka pot, pour-over, Chemex, French press, Turkish. YOU NAAAAAME IT! And each method produces a unique cup of coffee.

    15. And you can have it sourced from anywhere in the world.

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    Literally anywhere — from Indonesia to El Salvador and Ethiopia to Brazil. And the flavor profiles of the coffee change depending on where it's grown. So coffees from Asia might have earthier tones, while those from Africa tend to be more floral and fruity.

    16. It's a mesmerizing work of art when you add cream to it.

    And it looks different every. single. time.

    17. It brings friends together...

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    Meeting up for a cup of coffee is always a solid plan.

    18. And it can help you make new ones.

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    One study that found caffeine enhanced cooperation between people. Maybe that explains why coffee makes you less likely to yell at strangers...

    19. And finally, it could improve your athletic performance.

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    Probably because caffeine can boost your endurance, according to one study.

    So, go forth and drink ALL the coffee!

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    It's delicious, and it's surprisingly good for you!

    (Unless of course you've received different advice from your doctor based on your specific health needs or medical conditions. They know your life a bit better than we do.)