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    This Is Actually Why Coffee Makes You Shit

    Is that why the Starbucks bathroom line is always stupid long?

    Coffee can do magical things like wake you up, keep you alert, and make you an overall friendlier person to be around.

    But you may have also noticed that coffee has a serious effect on your poop habits.

    Like that you have to take a shit immediately after drinking it. Sometimes while you're drinking it.

    It might be that coffee causes more movement in the colon in some people, but not others.

    Coffee can also stimulate contractions that propel your breakfast down and out, so to speak.

    But if your post-latte poop happens every morning, it might not be the coffee at all.

    Caffeine probably has nothing to do with it.

    But if you take your coffee with cream or milk and you’re sensitive to dairy, that could also explain some mid-morning crapping.

    SO if your morning coffee is usually followed by a morning dump, don’t worry.