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16 Little Details Put Into Sitcoms That You Likely Didn't Notice The First Time

Who says comedy is the lowest form of entertainment?

While sitcoms focus on making audiences laugh, they have still proven themselves to be exceptionally crafty with their strong attention to detail.

Shirley sitting on a bench while Abed delivers a baby in an SUV in the background in "Community"/Fry squinting in suspicion in "Futurama"

16. Jerry's Real Name — Parks and Recreation

Jerry in the Parks Department in "Parks and Recreation"

15. Bizarro Superman — Seinfeld

Elaine in Kevin's apartment in "Seinfeld"

14. Baby Seamus — Archer

Baby Seamus with a tattoo of Archer's name in "Archer"

13. Li'l Sebastian — The Good Place

Lil' Sebastian walking in a field with clouds around the frame in "Parks and Recreation"

12. Nellie — Arrested Development

Lucille and Lindsay on the Queen Mary in "Arrested Development"

11. Jeff's Underwear — Community

Troy, Jeff, and Abed standing in their underwear behind an overturned table in "Community"

10. Pam's Pregnancy — The Office

Jim and Pam hugging in a doctor's office in "The Office"

9. The Memory ParasiteRick and Morty

Rick, Morty, Jerry, and Beth looking at a dead memory parasite at the dinner table in "Rick and Morty"

8. Four-Drink Amy — Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Amy holding a toothpick and a olive in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

7. Model Homes in Iraq — Arrested Development

Michael pointing at a picture of Saddam Hussein's kitchen in "Arrested Development"

6. Leela's Parents — Futurama

Fry, Leela, and Bender standing with a crowd of sewer mutants around a mutant guitarist in "Futurama"

5. Gravity Falls Crossover — Rick and Morty

Ricks walking through a field of ostrich-like creatures next to multiple portals in "Rick and Morty"

4. Prison Prediction — Seinfeld

Jerry and George in a taxi in "Seinfeld"

3. Nibbler in the Pilot — Futurama

A party blowout falling to the floor in "Futurama"

2. Abed Delivers A Baby — Community

Shirley sitting on a bench while Abed delivers a baby in an SUV in the background in "Community"

1. Buster's Hand — Arrested Development

Buster talking with Lucille while holding plush toys in "Arrested Development"

Do you agree with this list? Were there any other sitcom details that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.