Trump received 10 personal updates from Michael Cohen and encouraged a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Jason Leopold • 4 hours ago

Whistleblowers said the Americans were exchanging messages with unsecure Gmail accounts set up by their Russian counterparts as the US election heated up.

Anthony Cormier • 28 days ago

During the presidential campaign, Michael Cohen discussed the matter with a representative of Putin’s press secretary, according to two US sources.

Anthony Cormier • One month ago

Documents show suspicious transfers began six days before the controversial meeting.

Anthony Cormier • 3 months ago

Investigators are focused on two bursts of banking activity — one shortly after the June 2016 meeting, the other immediately after the presidential election.

Anthony Cormier • 4 months ago

The former Russian ambassador received a salary payment twice as large as past years, and bankers blocked a $150,000 withdrawal.

Jason Leopold • 4 months ago

Peter W. Smith withdrew $4,900 in cash the day after he finalized a plan to work with “dark web” hackers.

Jason Leopold • 5 months ago

Federal investigators say some of the money went to Maria Butina’s campaign to help Russia infiltrate American politics.

Jason Leopold • 5 months ago

“NEVER MET: Donald Trump, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jackson, The Jackson’s family, Sony.”

Jason Leopold • 6 months ago

Her contact, a Russian Olympic weightlifter, said a meeting between Trump and Putin could expedite a Trump tower in Moscow.

Anthony Cormier • 7 months ago

On the day of the third Republican presidential debate, Trump personally signed the letter of intent.

Anthony Cormier • 8 months ago

While Trump was running for president, his business team was trying to develop a Trump tower in Moscow — with the help of a former Russian military intelligence officer. But in a twist, that former officer also provided intelligence to the US.

Jason Leopold • 9 months ago

The raid on President Trump’s personal lawyer may have involved a surprising period in Cohen’s life. The special counsel has been asking questions about it and the controversial businesspeople who were his partners at the time.

Anthony Cormier • 9 months ago

Felix Sater is one of the most mysterious figures in the Trump-Russia investigation and has spoken previously to special counsel Robert Mueller and the House Intelligence Committee.

Emma Loop • 9 months ago

The author of the famous Trump dossier provided a secret report to the FBI asserting that RT founder Mikhail Lesin was bludgeoned to death by thugs hired by an oligarch close to Putin. Three other sources independently told the FBI the same basic story, contradicting the government’s finding that Lesin’s death was accidental.

Jason Leopold • 9 months ago

Felix Sater has been cast as a Russian mafioso, a career criminal, and a key business associate of President Donald Trump's — but he spent more than two decades as an intelligence asset who helped the US government track terrorists and mobsters. “Greed is my go-to weapon.”

Anthony Cormier • 10 months ago

As the special counsel investigated President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, authorities obtained details on “suspicious” banking activity that was first unearthed in 2014 and 2015. Those records were part of an FBI operation to track international kleptocracy that ultimately failed, but which Robert Mueller’s team resurrected.

Jason Leopold • 11 months ago

Following a BuzzFeed News investigation revealing “suspicious” financial behavior by Russia’s embassy and diplomats in the US, the foreign ministry said “this is no longer just a matter of ‘fake news’, but a real crime.”

Anthony Cormier • 12 months ago

US authorities are poring over hundreds of newly uncovered payments from Russian diplomatic accounts. Among them are transactions by former ambassador Sergey Kislyak 10 days after the 2016 presidential election and a blocked $150,000 cash withdrawal five days after the inauguration.

Jason Leopold • One year ago

The alleged encounter took place after a 2006 golf event at Lake Tahoe — where another adult film star said Trump grabbed and kissed her without her consent.

Claudia Koerner • One year ago

The FBI is scrutinizing more than 60 money transfers sent by the Russian Foreign Ministry to its embassies across the globe, most of them bearing a note that said the money was to be used “to finance election campaign of 2016.” A spokesperson for the Russian government said the money paid for overseas voting in its parliamentary election.

Jason Leopold • One year ago

BuzzFeed News has learned of a series of wire transfers, made by companies linked to Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, that federal officials deemed suspicious. Many of the wires went from offshore companies controlled by Manafort to American businesses.

Jason Leopold • One year ago

Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, and Steve Bannon met with King Abdullah II while Flynn was reportedly pressing for a controversial, for-profit deal to build nuclear power plants in the Middle East.

Jason Leopold • One year ago

Michael Cohen said claims made about him in a dossier alleging collusion between the campaign and Russia are “profoundly wrong." He also said he should not have to testify before Congress until it finds “reliable corroboration” of the allegations, which he believes does not exist.

Anthony Cormier • One year ago

A mother and her young son said they were terrorized by Trump security in 1995, after a family member announced plans to reveal “financial improprieties.”

Chris McDaniel • One year ago

The US government ruled Mikhail Lesin’s death an accident, but multiple intelligence and law enforcement officials suspect it was a Russian hit. The government is withholding information, so today BuzzFeed News has filed a lawsuit to pry the records loose.

Jason Leopold • One year ago

The oligarch has been investigated for money laundering and the FBI has tied three of his employees to the Russian mob. When he and his partner wanted to build an ethanol factory, their company sought help from Michael Cohen, now the president’s personal attorney.

Anthony Cormier • One year ago

Michael Cohen gave BuzzFeed News exclusive access to his passport, saying it proves he couldn’t have attended an alleged secret meeting with Russian agents.

Anthony Cormier • One year ago

In 1999, Michael Cohen, now the president’s personal lawyer, cashed a $350,000 check from an NHL hockey player. He was supposed to give the money to a woman in South Florida. He didn’t, and says he doesn’t remember anything about it. To this day, the money is missing.

Anthony Cormier • One year ago

Ben Wickham, the chairman and a founder of Hamilton Trading, told BuzzFeed News and Politico that the Republican National Committee had paid it to do a security audit of the RNC headquarters. In fact, the company had mainly been paid for reports on Hillary Clinton. Wickham is a former CIA officer, and he employs a former KGB agent.

Anthony Cormier • One year ago

Marc E. Kasowitz, who has represented Donald Trump for more than 15 years, was recently named a lead attorney in a federal civil lawsuit against Sberbank, which is majority-owned by the Russian government.

Anthony Cormier • One year ago

Years before Trump’s candidacy, Michael D. Cohen backed a different kind of venture: a gambling cruise that stiffed employees and vendors, and blew off many of the ensuing lawsuits.

Anthony Cormier • One year ago

Despite extraordinary claims by a pro-Kremlin lawmaker — and a close connection to the president’s personal attorney — Alex Oronov died after a long illness, says his son-in-law.

Jason Leopold • One year ago

A blogger said Donald Trump lifted two paragraphs of his speech from Articoolo’s website. Articoolo promoted the claim. The truth was entirely different — and in some ways, even weirder.

John Templon • One year ago

The Treasury Department rolled back an Obama-era sanction on Thursday, leading to loud condemnation on the internet. But trade experts say the change helps American companies, not Russia.

Anthony Cormier • One year ago

The company has ties to the Russian government. The tracking is standard, the developer says.

Anthony Cormier • One year ago

We logged more than 1,500 people and organizations connected to the incoming administration. Now we want your help to understand them and to add more.

John Templon • 2 years ago

An unverified memo alleges ties between Trump and Moscow. Trump strongly denies them. So does Russia. Facts, analysis, and more on this ongoing story.

Anthony Cormier • 2 years ago