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Disney Memoirs From A 90's Kid

Did you miss the classics like Ducktales or Gargoyles? Be taken to a journey through memory lane. If you are a child growing up in 90's, then this story will resonate with you. Filled with nostalgia, laughter and feels.

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As a product of the 80's, I grew up like many early 90's children; Nintendo 64, drinking Surge, dial-up internet, Game Boy, Power Rangers, Fruit Gushers, Crocodile Hunter and Pokemon Cards. But above everything else, there is only one brand to rule them all.


Did you not lose your freaking mind seeing this logo before the movie started? Or was it just me?

Growing up in Miami, Florida, I am fortunate enough to be a few driving hours away from the park. Disney World became my everything as a child.


The level of excitement I unleashed as my family approached the park was unprecedented

My parents took me to Disney World right when I was at the ripe age to walk. I would never forget seeing the castle for the first time. I was ecstatic to see the Disney movies I grew up to come to life before my very eyes.

But Disney didn’t just take over my primary vacation destination. It completely took over the better of my childhood. Coming home from school I would turn on the TV and watch my favorite 90's Disney cartoons such as....

It was comical, accelerating, amazing soundtrack and taught me a very valuable lesson I keep with me until this day; If you work hard enough and stay true to who you are, you can go the distance….

Walt Disney even takes credit for who I am today in the workforce. Growing up watching the movies and cartoons back in the day have opened my eyes to animation, cartoon characters and amazing stories which has lead me into my creative career path. Hopefully my story comes to full circle and I can work for Disney one day.

It is amazing the level of admiration and appreciation I get watching these movies as an adult, especially me being an artist who has dabbled a bit in animation and character design. The details in the facial expressions, the fluid motion of the body movements, the choice of mood and colors…. Disney truly has gotten the animation process down to a T.

I was blessed growing up in an era where the animation renaissance took place. Disney delivered big in their movies and shows. They made sure we enjoyed every minute of their programs and hypnotized us with their creativity. I honestly can't wait for the day I have kids and sit them down to my old cartoon shows. I mean they are honestly better off watching Ducktales than whatever this is.

But beyond the quality of their work. There is something more to Disney than a name brand.

  1. Do you agree? Did the Disney animation in the 1990's rocked your socks?

Disney Memoirs From A 90's Kid

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Do you agree? Did the Disney animation in the 1990's rocked your socks?
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