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    Winnie The Pooh Inspirational Life Quotes

    Winnie the Pooh Day reminds us why our favourite childhood cartoon has some of the best quotes to describe life. Winnie the Pooh Day, which was on January 18th, commemorates author A.A. Milne’s birthday, after she created a brilliant franchise based on the stuffed animals her son, Christopher Robin, played with. First appearing in 1926 on the printed page, Winnie the Pooh books and videos have been translated into 29 languages and touched many generations; even if you haven’t watched or read the cartoon everyone’s heard of the classic! If you don’t have the opportunity to visit Pooh Corner in Hartfield, East Sussex, England, where the books were written, then read these inspirational quotes that will remind you of The Hundred Acre Wood crew: Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Roo, Kanga, Owl and of course, Pooh.

    How you feel when you miss someone:

    Or have to leave them:

    Not being with them feels like this:

    At one point or another, you may start to fall in love:

    You don’t know how you know, but you just do:

    When you are in love you can feel such emotion:

    If you care about that person you would do anything for them, anything to make them happy:

    There sometimes may be arguments:

    And you dream that it will all be okay:

    But be patient with them:

    You feel worried that it may one day be over:

    And life can make you want to spend the whole weekend in your pajamas:

    But consider if you are not concentrating in life:

    Life can seem unfair:

    But be grateful for what you have:

    Look at what is inside your heart:

    And consider this when you feel in doubt:

    So, believe in yourself:

    At times, you can feel lost in your own world:

    But you will find your own path in life:

    Just cheer up and think about how you feel when you’re about to dig into a massive pizza or Chinese takeaway:

    And those perfect munch-out friends you enjoy it with:

    It’s the way you see things in life:

    But always remember that you shouldn’t judge others:

    Even if they are different:

    People make mistakes:

    And things aren’t always as they seem:

    But friends are always there for you: