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    • Addie

      i allowed my friend from college to set me up on a date. It ended up being a group date out on a lake. The guy, let’s call him Austin, was about 6’3”, heavyset, with stringy long black hair. Austin happened to love sporting his speedo. By the afternoon, Austin, large man in his speedo, was plastered. We all decided to go for a swim. At one point during the swim he get’s very quite. The group looked in his direction. His faces were like that of a constipated child. His friend says, “Get in the boat now!” Moments later, we see a very large turd float to the surface next to Austin. Austin, laughingly gets back in the boat and acts as if nothing happened.

    • Addie

      I was on a first date when my date decided he wanted to share his most embarrassing story. He was staying at a friend’s house in college and had to take a dump. The only bathroom that was open at the time was the master bathroom. He did his business and realized shortly after that he clogged the toilet. He didn’t see a plunger so he decided to use the obvious solution of pushing it all down the toilet with his hands. His solution worked! And guess what – no one ever found out that he clogged the toilet… except for me… on our first (and last) date ever.

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