This Is What Modern Versions Of "The Baby-Sitters Club" Would Look Like

Kristy and the gang have a lot more problems on Tinder than they do in babysitting. H/t Mashable.

1. Artist Kate Gavino thought of what the babysitters’ lives would look like today and created covers based on her ideas.

2. The girls of The Baby-sitters Club dealt with an array of issues in the books, but Gavino has reimagined what they’d deal with in today’s world.

“Whenever I come across a trend that fascinates me, I can’t help but wonder how the BSC would react to it. Wouldn’t Claudia love Candy Crush?” Wouldn’t Mal be a rabid nerdfighter? What would Mary Anne’s Pinterest fails look like?” Gavino told BuzzFeed.

3. Gavino started making these covers because she enjoys seeing what other people’s ideas would be for the series.

“I also secretly wish this will compel Ann M. Martin to hire a ghostwriter (me! me! me!) to revive the series,” said Gavino.

4. While Gavino has only made five covers so far, she’s open to making more based on requests.

5. The next time you complain about your struggles in this modern world, just think: How would the BSC deal with it?

You can find more work from Gavino on her Tumblr.

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