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10-Ish Reasons Why I Should Be A BuzzFeed Intern

And other things we share in cover letters.

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1. Firstly, I'm a Brooklyn Native that has loved social media since MySpace. / Via

Nothing would make my heart skip a beat like seeing 'New Comments' on my MySpace page. I can also thank Tom for instilling my interest in coding and UX design.

2. I graduated from The New School in May where I majored in Visual Studies, analyzing the intersection of art and society.

@arthistorycaps / Via

Aside from sending classic Snaps, I had the honor of being selected to Head Curate the semi-annual exhibit showcasing new artists and The New School's renown art collection.

3. The amount of time I spend on social media is sometimes embarrassing, but I love it.

Some people aren't interested in certain platforms, but I firmly believe you just need to figure out how to use it to your advantage. Not only does social media connect me to people and places, but also ideas and inspirations.

4. This year, my best friend and I launched a music website called which has helped me learn more about the business side of social media.

Instagram: @thatlowd / Via

Our thought behind the site was, 'How can we share our experience and get others in on the adventure?' So we highlight emerging artists and publish festival and venue guides for newcomers in the mystifying world of live music.

Most apropos, I've been teaching myself Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Sprout. Together, we run the site and all our social media accounts.

5. My prior office experience includes quoting Mad Men and The Devil Wears Prada. / Via

I held the position of New Business Intern at Deutsch, Ad Age's No. 6 Agency of 2016, owning the responsibility of RFIs and RFPs, assisting in every aspect of pitch development, in result winning their Sherwin Williams business.

In addition to Strategy Intern for Paper Magazine's experimental marketing team working with clients such as American Express and also launching Target’s collaboration with FEED, taking on planning and project coordinator roles.

6. BuzzFeed is my G.O.A.T. website. / Via

I could write a 100-page thesis as to why I believe BuzzFeed is the cornerstone of post-modern news reporting, a lynchpin for any media company nowadays. We even modeled our writing style for THATLOWD after BuzzFeed's.

BUT I'm trying my best to keep this cover letter short and sweet.

7. There's actual times when I run out of posts to read. / Via

If the average Millennial spends 3 hours of the day on the Internet, I spend 2:15 on BuzzFeed alone. Consequently, I will always go back to my favorite post of all time.

8. Most importantly, I have an unlimited data plan. / Via

Thank you T-Mobile for a reasonable unlimited data plan a college graduate can afford. This way I can fuel my love for social media 24/7 and be online anywhere, anytime.

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9. Supplemental Question: What is your favorite BuzzFeed social account and why?

Instagram: @comics / Via Instagram: @

Personally, I love BuzzFeed Comics because each one is done so well and I enjoy the humor in comparison to the other accounts I follow. Seeing a post is like finding an Easter Egg when I scroll!

Comedy is not an easy thing to master, nor is matching it with the perfect illustration. One of the most insightful things I learned in college is that when something is funny it's because it's true.

That's something I recognized early with BuzzFeed's posts, utilizing humor (whether through gifs or copy) to send a message. The comics account integrates humor with current events and everyday struggles so well that I wish there was more frequent posts!

10. Supplemental Challenge: Describe/create 3-5 examples of content you’d think our social audience would enjoy (hint: think visually with social sharing in mind).

Instagram: @bzfdnyc / Via

I've included the link to my work in the form box, but you can also click here to access my PDF.

Thank you for your time!

Broad City / Via

And for considering my application for the Social Media Intern position. I look forward to hearing about the next steps in BuzzFeed's hiring process!


Annie Panousopoulos

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