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Which Member Of The Study Squad Are You?

Ever wondered if you're Ben, ST, Annie, or Sha'leicia? No? Well, here's your chance to find out anyways.

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  1. You get a text from squad asking if you want to study. What do you do?

    ignore it.
    you're the one who sent the text
    you'll come right after you finish studying for your management class! the group is way too distracting to actually get anything done.
    you might come! or you might go get food...or watch a movie...
  2. What's your go-to Acorn study break order?

    anything with caffeine.
    the snack pack
    a plain coffee
    some sort of fancy smoothie with espresso
  3. Where are you from?

    Minnesota! We're the nicest
    TEXAS FOREVER's only a train ride (or right from ST) away
  4. What was your best costume of Halloweekend?

    A reindeer. Gotta start Christmas early
    Holy guacamole...get it?
    A hippy. It represents my calm spirit
    1/2 of the dancing emojis...clever, I know
  5. Favorite Thanksgiving food?

    Mac n' cheese
    Do avocados count?
    Not mac n' cheese...
    any kind of dessert
  6. Oh no! You have a huge test tomorrow. What's your plan?

    you already studied in advance
    you camp out in McEwen with your vanilla latte.
    you start studying at midnight and pull an all nighter
    you cram and do the avocado dance when you feel yourself falling asleep
  7. What's your dream on-campus job?

    the admissions building
    The Kernodle Center. Yay, service!
    You don't have a job here, but you worked on a marina at home...Minnesota lakes are the BEST.
    Is there a bunny adoption center on campus?
  8. What's your biggest flaw?

    you send too many gifs in the group message
    You never text back.
    You're sassy AF
    You tend to get the squad distracted...anyone want food?

Which Member Of The Study Squad Are You?

You got: Sha'leicia

You're the squad's calming, relaxed force. You're a soothing presence in this cruel world. You can do the avocado dance with the best of them and you're most likely ignoring texts in your dorm room.

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You got: Ben

When you're not with the squad or hitting the Minnesota slopes you're pulling an all-nighter for Global with a pink lemonade in hand. You're always friendly and have an undying appreciation for the old Kanye.

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You got: Sarah Taylor

You're probably reminding the rest of the squad that we're actually here to study. You're the sassiest of the group and can usually be found looking at bunny videos on Instagram.

Sarah Taylor
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You got: Annie

You're by far the most active in the group text and you can always be found in McEwen procrastinating your next assignment. You're always down for a snack break even though already you spent literally all your money on coffee.

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