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Which Member Of The Fab Four Are You?

Are you a Lucy, a Conner, an Emma, or an Annie?

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  1. Where are you on an average afternoon?

    thinking about rocks
    getting a grilled cheese at Acorn
    drinking coffee even though your body is crying out for water
    practicing your sick moves in the mirror
  2. how do you feel about powerpoints?

    they're ok I guess
    they're a good tool for explaining past lovers
    I use them for class sometimes?
  3. pick a song

    Treasure by Bruno Mars
    Slow it Down by the Lumineers
    It Wasn't me by Shaggy
    Mambo No. 5
  4. How good are you at replying to Snapchats?

    incredible. speed of light
    i'm terrible at it and never check my snapchat unless it's someone I shouldn't be snapchatting
    I only snapchat message. I don't text
    also incredibly fast. like a god
  5. If you could be anywhere, where would you be?

    on the floor of the Cannon classroom, complaining about how I never eat anything of nutritional value and am going to fail all my tests
    Jewish youth group
    A rock
  6. Where are you on a Saturday night?

    Either Cookout or at frat house, trying to drown out my sorrows and poor life choices
    Stargazing in the great outdoors or hosting shenanigans in my room
    watching a movie or taking pics of my friends before they go out
    Snapchatting someone I shouldn't be or at a Ballroom function with old men #stable #healthy
  7. Pick a Cookout Milkshake

    peanut butter fudge
    Heath mocha
    oreo cheesecake
    mint oreo
  8. if you were a store, what store would you be?

    Victoria's Secret
    does Amazon Prime count?
  9. What's your fatal flaw?

    Treating my body like garbage, complaining too much, constantly procrastinating, being a human disaster, etc.
    snapchatting people I shouldn't be and cursing too much
    Being irresponsible on Mondays and injuring all of your friends
    saying things then forgetting i said them
  10. What show are you binge watching?

    Grey's Anatomy
    I don't binge-watch, I binge-climb
    Parks and Rec
    Bob's Burgers
  11. What's your kahoot name?


Which Member Of The Fab Four Are You?

You got: You're Conner!

If there's one thing you love more than rock climbing it's being the resident dad. You can be found in the great outdoors, HBB, or the Cannon kitchen.

You're Conner!
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You got: You're Emma!

You're a ballroom dancer who likes to think that her life is a Spanish soap opera. You give great advice and life tips that can't be mentioned here.

You're Emma!
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You got: You're Lucy!

You're a mock trail queen who's either philosophizing or thinking about gourds. You're by far the most stable of the group. Congrats, Lucy.

You're Lucy!
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You got: You're Annie!

You can't remember the last time you ate a vegetable and you primarily drink coffee and other things that are not water. You might treat your body like trash but at least you don't treat other people like it!

You're Annie!
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