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Which Dumb Hoe Are You?

are you a peyton, a jamie, or an annie?

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  1. Where do you go to college?

    sic em i guess
    in a dark room on the 11th floor
    bELONg!!!!!!! go to elon!!!!!!
  2. how do you feel about love?

    i'm getting married on thursday probably
    it's dead.
    i'll never find it and spend the rest of my life eating spicy ranch
  3. how easily do you tan?

    I don't tan, I get 400th degree burns and all my skin falls off
    I tan like a normal person
    I get sunburned
  4. What's your role in the GM?

    constantly changing the name to roast someone
    getting roasted
    usually not replying and occasionally saying something to assure everyone that you're still alive
  5. describe your siblings

    my sister is way more successful than me but i have better dance moves so
    my brother is the chillest person alive and it worries me
    my brother is like 12 or something and he looks 40
  6. what sorority are you in?

    go go axo
  7. if you were an animal, what animal would you be?

    a bush baby
    an ostrich
    something that dies when you touch it because i'm #frail
  8. What do you get roasted for?

    Liking Bucketheads, being pale, being frail as hell, eating like a child, generally existing
    Being messy as hell
    General life choices
  9. What kind of animals do you like?

    My dog Lilly
    *sees an animal* *runs*
  10. How do you feel about Mo Ranch?

    it was fun!
    T R I G G E R E D
  11. What's your favorite food?

    Whatever Rick is cooking at 3 AM
    chicken nuggets
  12. Do you let people drink after you?

    yes mama didn't raise no BITCH
    yes because i'm gross as hell
    no wtf

Which Dumb Hoe Are You?

You got: Peyton!

You love to dance almost as much as you love being unclothed. You're either on Elmwood Drive with your homeboy Rick or wandering the streets of Pittsburgh.

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You got: Jamie!

You're frail as hell. You're always getting roasted in the GM and you can't handle the sun. That said, you're the tamest and least stupid of the group. Go you, Jamie.

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You got: Annie!

You're between the two extremes that are Peyton and Jamie. You're kind of judgemental but you have a good heart and you can eat Sharky's like nobody's business.

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