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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Aug 27, 2016

    39 Brilliant Camping Hacks To Try On Your Next Trip

    Nature don't fail me now.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

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    Jay Fleckenstein / BuzzFeed
    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    1. Choose an epic location.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    For inspiration/intel, here are 27 amazing campgrounds for when you need chill vibes.

    2. Or check out HipCamp, which is basically like an Airbnb for campgrounds where you camp out on other peoples' private properties (or public parks, too).

    More info here.

    3. If your campground is lacking in the kindling department, use corn chips (like Fritos or Doritos) as a firestarter, instead.

    Not exactly natural, but it's better than having no fire at all! And you've gotta admit it's a good party trick.

    4. Burn sage at your campfire or fire pit to keep the annoying bugs away.

    5. Tie a shoe rack around a tree to hold all your stuff.

    Just be sure to put anything smelly away at night because bears.

    6. Make a last-minute spoon with an old soda bottle if you forgot to bring all the right utensils.

    7. Transport charcoal in an egg carton if you don't want to lug the whole bag.

    8. If you're super squeamish about popping a squat, go luxe with a DIY camping toilet.

    Get the instructions here.

    9. Get to know what common poisonous plants look like.

    More info from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) here.

    10. Stuff your shoes with socks or rags to keep insects out of them when you're sleeping.

    11. Learn how to extract a splinter, so you can do it without a problem in a pinch.

    These expert instructions from the American Academy of Dermatology are all you need to succeed. Just don't forget to pack Tweezers.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    12. Prepare your meals in foil for lots of flavor and easy cleanup.

    13. Dunk marshmallows in Bailey's before roasting for the ultimate boozy dessert.

    Drunk s'mores, you guys! Get the directions here.

    14. Or skip the dessert part and just go all booze with campfire hot toddies.

    Get the recipe here.

    15. Take your quesadillas to the next level with a quesadilla grilling basket.

    Get it here. And here's a great recipe for campfire quesadillas.

    16. Get an insulated growler so you can bring cold beer with you everywhere you go — including day hikes.

    #Necessities. Get it here.

    17. Pre-scramble your eggs so you don't have to bring a mixing bowl — or worry about your eggs cracking in transit.

    A 16-ounce water bottle holds about eight to nine eggs. More info here.

    18. Cook bacon skewers over the campfire.

    Get the how-to here.

    19. Or make bacon and eggs in a paper bag.

    Follow the recipe/directions here.

    20. Prepare crescent rolls over the campfire.

    And be sure to bring fixings for dunking — Nutella, nut butter, whatever you want. Get the recipe/directions here.

    21. And breakfast burritos, too.

    Get the recipe here. (FYI, you actually make the burritos at home and then heat them up when you're in the woods.)

    22. Bring pre-made pancake mix, so all you have to do is add water and an egg.

    Get the "shake and pour" mix recipe here.

    23. Instead of marinating your meats or vegetables, just put fresh rosemary right on top of the coals — the flavor will come through that way.

    Just make sure the coals are totally gray and ashy before you make your move.

    24. Make stovetop popcorn (like Jiffy Pop) over a campfire — or you can even make your own popcorn satchels.

    If you go for prepared popcorn, be careful of the handle, because it can get really hot. If you want to DIY it, follow the instructions here.

    25. For a classyish camping dessert, make campfire tarts.

    Basically you just wrap canned biscuit dough around fire sticks (or just use a can on a stick), roast them over the fire, and then add pie filling — and top it off with whipped cream if you want. Get the recipe here.

    26. Or for a new twist on a classic favorite, make sweet and salty s'mores.

    Perfect for people who love that sweet and salty combo. Get the instructions here.

    27. Make coffee with this collapsible silicone coffee dripper.

    Bonus: It takes up basically zero room in your bag. And it has four and a half stars on Amazon, too. Buy it here.

    28. Or just bring cold brew so you have zero hassle whatsoever.

    Hey man, whatever works.

    29. Invest in a smokeless stove-plus-charger combo.

    This smokeless stove generates electricity so you can charge all your gadgets and things. Seriously, who thinks of this stuff? Get it here.

    30. Or get a solar-powered charging station, so you don't even have to worry about charging the stove before you go.

    Of course, make sure you go somewhere sunny! Get it here.

    31. Or get some sort of device that extends the battery life of your phone.


    There are a bunch to choose from these days. Two good options: This waterproof iPhone case by Mophie that doubles your battery life (it works!), and this Mophie powerstation for if you don't want to change your phone case. (Bonus: This also works on your iPad and any other USB device you have.) Well worth the investment!

    32. Bring an inflatable solar-powered light.

    It hardly takes up any room, and it's eco-friendly, too. WIN. Get it here.

    33. Make sure your music game is on point with this water-resistant wireless bluetooth speaker.

    Julia Farlan

    Chilling by the fire at night = solid A. Chilling by the fire at night with a dope camping playlist at night = A++. Do the right thing! Get this speaker here.

    34. Or, if you don't want to throw down the dough for a real speaker, just put your phone in a solo cup for a DIY version.

    35. Invest in a two-person sleeping bag if you're in a couple — or if you just like to spread the fuck out.

    This $64.95 one from Moosejaw is pretty affordable in comparison to pricier ones from REI and North Face that start around $150.

    36. For ultimate coziness, hook yourself up with a sleeping bag hammock, booties — or even a damn wearable sack.

    When your sleeping bag and your puffy jacket have babies. Get the hammock here, the booties here, and the sack here.

    37. Bring compact, quick-dry towels.

    They're super absorbent — and lightweight, too. Buy them here.

    38. Invest in a portable shower so you don't have to awkwardly shampoo with a water jug.

    39. Bring this flashlight that lights the path ahead of you AND the ground in front of you — at the same time.

    Genius! Get it here.

    So, who's ready for the best camping trip ever?

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    Jay Fleckenstein / BuzzFeed

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