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16 Struggles All People With Wanderlust Have At Work Every Day

Oh, the places you'll ... sit.

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5. Trying to actually do your job when you spend most of your time thinking about where you would go first if you didn't have it.

Who has time to work when you have trips to plan?

6. Pretending to be excited when your co-workers suggest the local Mexican spot for happy hour and you know their guac is not half as good as the real kind you had in Mexico.


8. Coming in tired not because you were out raging the night before, but because you went down the travel blog rabbit hole right before bed and it was DEEP.

11. Starting to tell one of your epic travel stories to your boss and then remembering that it all happened because you'd housed all that local rum.

12. Knowing that the world is so much bigger than yourself, and that you shouldn't let #officeproblems get to you ...

13. Smelling the street food cart outside your office every morning and wishing you were actually on the street in the country where the food is from.

16. But knowing that, when it's all said and done, your next trip WILL come around, and it WILL be amazing, and it's just a matter of ~patience~.

And it doesn't hurt that you're earning the necessary money to actually fund your travels in the meantime.


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