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    23 Affordable Vacations That Are Perfect For Budget Adventure-Seekers

    Where to go to stretch your dollar as far as possible.

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the most affordable international trip they've ever taken — and their answers proved that getting out of the country doesn't mean you have to get into debt.

    Yes, you will probably have to pay more for your plane ticket than you would for a domestic flight. But if you choose your destination wisely, you could end up spending much less while you're there. (And you should always follow these tips for finding the cheapest airfare possible, too.)

    So with that in mind, here are some amazing places to go where your dollar can get you pretty far.


    1. Peru

    2. South Africa

    3. China

    4. Vietnam

    5. Greece

    6. Jamaica

    7. Cartagena, Colombia

    "I actually used to live there, but just went back. Roundtrip airfare from the Northeast was $250. You can easily get a hostel for $7–15, although we stayed in an amazing hotel for $70 a night. Food, drinks, and fun are all completely reasonable; it's an absolutely amazing place to visit!" —Madelina Türner, Facebook

    More info on going to Cartagena on a budget here.

    8. Bali

    9. Nicaragua

    10. Caribbean cruises

    11. Europe by train

    12. Czech Republic

    13. Guatemala

    14. Bosnia and Herzegovina

    15. Thailand

    16. Romania

    17. Krakow, Poland

    18. The Azores, Portugal

    19. Nepal

    20. Ghana, West Africa

    21. Mexico City, Mexico

    22. Or the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

    23. Camino de Santiago, Spain

    Soo, who's down for an international adventure?

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