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    This Woman's Insane Etch A Sketches Will Blow Your Freaking Mind


    Meet Jane Labowitch, a Chicago-based artist and Etch A Sketch extraordinaire.

    Jane Labowitch
    Jane Labowitch

    Labowitch — or, as she's dubbed herself, "Princess Etch A Sketch" — went on an eight-day trip to India with the tour group company Intrepid Travel, and illustrated her travels on Etch A Sketch when she got home.

    Jane Labowitch


    Let's start with this beautiful "etch" of Humayan's Tomb, in New Delhi ...

    Jane Labowitch

    ... which looks like this IRL:

    Jane Labowitch


    And then there's this drawing of the Red Fort, also in New Delhi ...

    Jane Labowitch

    ... which looks like this in person:

    Jane Labowitch

    Everyone in the world: "OMG HOW DOES SHE DO THAT WAIT WHAT AHHHH!!"

    Labowitch: "Just gonna go ahead and etch this insanely intricate masterpiece, NBD."

    And this portrait of daily life in India ...

    Jane Labowitch

    ... which for many involves riding around in vehicles called tuk-tuks:

    Jane Labowitch

    And then there's this sketch of the Amber Palace Hall of Mirrors, in Jaipur ...

    Jane Labowitch

    Damn, girl.

    And, finally, this ridiculous illustration of the only and only Taj Mahal, in Agra:

    Jane Labowitch

    Can you believe that detail?

    Jane Labowitch

    BRB, having an existential crisis about what I'm doing with my life.

    Labowitch, who's been "etching" since she was four years old, even busted out a quick sketch of her tour guide, Shakti Rathore, while she was in India:

    Jane Labowitch

    But make no mistake: Labowitch admits Etch A Sketching is really hard.

    "There's no room for error with Etch A Sketch! But I enjoy that everything is made using one continuous line, and the fact that it's such an unforgiving medium," she tells BuzzFeed Travel. "If I make a big mistake, my only option is to shake the drawing away and start all over again."

    "Some of my quicker work can take half an hour or less on the pocket (small) size, whereas some of my most detailed work done on the classic (large size) has taken me more than 20 hours to complete," Labowitch says.

    She also says she photographs her work after she finishes it, but ends up erasing most of it after that.

    "It's an interesting feeling to shake away hours of work, but it's sort of liberating in a way to start with a clean slate," she says.

    But she preserves her favorite work by removing the powder from the inside of the toy, and locking the knobs. "That way, I can keep it for forever without having to worry about it being erased when shaken — and I can sell my art around the world."

    If you want to check out more of her work — like this epic Mona Lisa etch — follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and/or her website.

    You can also buy her work on Etsy.

    And in the meantime, let's all bow down for Princess Etch A Sketch.


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