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Best KPop Dance Fitness Videos

Want a fun new way to get a great workout? Are you a KPop fan? Do you want to be a KPop fan? I've looked for the best KPop Dance fitness videos so you don't have to.

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Bradley Crazy Sock TV Electric Shock

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Let's start with an easy one. A lot of toning moves were used in this choreography. It's also super fun to see the instructor, Bradley, surrounded by awesome bubbly women.

KPop Zumba Fitness by Nicole

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Zumba just got a little bit better with Kpop! Nicole and Victoria's bouncy choreography will surely get your calories slipping off with your sweat.

Hip Shake Fitness Boombayah Dance Choreography

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Talk about songs that get stuck in your head. This is one of them. Ally's online dance workout is fun, fierce and will get your heart rate up. You know what they say, you gotta listen to the song again to get it out. Oppa!

Kkardio Dance Kpop Workout

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This one needs a little practice to get, but it's great to repeat this high cardio dance workout. The girls in the video look like they came out of an anime and that's part of the appeal.

KpopX Fitness

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Want a little more Hip Hop with your KPop? This choreo to Hard Carry focuses on legs and arms and you'll definitely feel it in the morning. Whew.

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