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25 Reasons I Love Alec MacDonald

Happy 25th Birthday, NERD.

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1. You are this swaggy.

2. You are shadily just a weird foreigner.

3. You didn't sleep with your arms above your head until recently because you were scared someone would tickle you in your sleep.

4. You can probably do this.

5. You are the best arm wrestler in the world.

6. You got these two things confused.

Also, is that Minina riding a yam ram?

7. You're VERY handsome.

8. Sometimes when I come home you look at me like this. And it kills me.

9. You will do anything for a joke. (You will even draw all over your face to make me laugh).

10. You can twerk.

11. You get really mad if anyone influences your opinion of a movie before you see it.

12. This is your trusted, and most loyal companion. And no matter how much she meows and pees on you, it is insanely endearing how much you love her.

13. You don't give a fuck.

14. I often look over at you, and you are mid-air.

15. You might be an alien.

16. You dance real good.

swaggy, swaggy, swaggy.

17. You didn't listen to music till you were like what, 20? Only Harry Potter on tape.

18. You are absolutely one of the smartest people that I have ever met.

19. You love christmas.

20. You get really adorably embarrassed easily.

21. Your nickname translates into Alec Stop.

Also, no one is cuter than this blondieboy.

Also, no one is cuter than this blondieboy.

22. When left alone, all you do is eat 900 sandwiches.

23. You live your life by the idea that there is ALWAYS more fun to be had.

24. When you break my things, you answer the door wearing this to make up for it.

25. You put on a suit to write, even when you are going to be inside all day.

I can confidently say that there is no one like you, you freak.

And now, here are some selfies.

You are my best friend.

And I love you.


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