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    19 Reasons Young Marlon Brando Will Ruin You For The Rest Of The Day

    #ThrowbackThursday, Brando-smoulder style.

    1. That stare.

    2. Those dimples.

    3. That lean.

    4. Those arms.

    5. That concentration.

    6. Those high-waisted trousers.

    7. That scowl.

    8. That talent (that's his Oscar for On the Waterfront).

    9. That way his eyelids fold over on themselves.

    10. That leather jacket realness.

    11. That slightly tousled hair.

    12. That mockneck sweater.

    13. That robe & Dashchund & toast breakfast.

    14. Those arms in that white t-shirt.

    15. That Grandma love.

    16. That popped '50s longshoreman collar.

    17. That everything.

    18. That way that Vivien Leigh's paying attention to him. That would be me, always.

    19. Seriously though, THAT STARE.