James Franco Isn’t The Only Hollywood Star To Move In With A Man

Living with another man doesn’t “prove” that you’re gay.

1. According to a brief piece in the New York Times, James Franco lives with a man. His name is Scott Haze.

3. That’s cool, right?

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Men live with other men! It’s chill! Gay or straight or anything in between, lovers or roommates or “roommates,” we should be able to write about these scenarios with more nuance than the Times: “They are now so close that describing them merely as friends would be a disservice.”

4. You know who else lived with a man? The suavest man in all of Hollywood. The Silver Fox to rule all Silver Foxes.

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Grant lived in a “bachelor pad” with fellow star Randolph Scott, where, according to Modern Screen, they “entertained very few people. When asked why they didn’t marry, both Randy and Cary explained that they couldn’t afford it.”

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“‘Here we are,’ Cary would say, leaning back in our chair, ‘living as we want to as bachelors with a nice home at a comparatively small cost. If we got married, we would have to put up a front. Women — particularly Hollywood women — expect it!”

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“The sort of life they were leading seemed ideal. They spent their leisure time swimming and playing tennis.”

8. They even came up with “hostessing ideas,” like this seafood luncheon.

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9. So was Grant gay? Is Franco?

Who knows. Rumors have long circulated concerning a relationship between Grant and Scott — or Grant and any number of leading Hollywood men. The “truth” of his sexuality, if there is such a thing, will remain unknowable.

Grant spent his decades-long Hollywood career at once defining and belying standards of masculinity — a description that not only applies to Franco, but to James Dean, another Hollywood star to whom Franco is often compared, and around whom rumors of homosexuality have also long circulated.

Living with another man doesn’t “prove” that you’re gay. Neither does maintaining a close friendship. It’s faulty logic to assume that two college-age football players living together are straight; it’s silly to assume that two thirtysomething artists are gay. As for me, I hold firm to my belief that Grant and Scott, gay or not, posed for those beautiful photos as a sort of 1930s version of the internet troll. And we’ve all witnessed the internet playfulness — and varying degrees of success — in which Franco has participated in the past.

Just sayin’.

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