Gimli's Fight Scenes In "Lord Of The Rings" Have A Badass Backstory And You Need To Hear It

    John Rhys-Davies did NOT mess around.

    The year is 2017 and the cast of Lord of the Rings still has the best film cast in cinematic history.

    You probably knew that already, because it's pretty obvious.

    But if you need further proof, examine with me the incredible method acting of John Rhys-Davies, AKA Gimli.

    You see, John Rhys-Davies apparently did not believe in rehearsing his fight scenes.

    This intel comes via Dominic Monaghan, from one of the many hidden gems on the Lord of the Rings DVD appendices.

    According to Dominic, John would just figure which stunt people would be coming at him.

    And then John Rhys-Davies would just ACTUALLY FIGHT THE STUNT GUYS.

    Like, he WAILED on them with his GIANT BATTLE AXE.

    Luckily, Dominic said the stunt guys were prepared to take a few hits.

    But, you know, most actors stick to choreographed fighting that does NOT involve beating up fellow actors.

    John Rhys-Davies is not like other actors.

    He is the actor born to play the mighty dwarf.

    And as we all know: You should never underestimate a dwarf.

    The moral of this story? Never mess with Gimli, because he WILL hit you with his battle axe.

    And go back and rewatch all of the Lord of the Rings DVD behind-the-scenes immediately.

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