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21 Reasons Why Sylvia Deyo Is The Best

In honor of Sylvia's 21st birthday, here are 21 things I love about her, featuring a collection of friendship photos, some of which I may be scolded for...

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4. How fun Sylvia is to be around!

I can't think of a time where I've been around Sylvia and not been extremely happy to be in that place. There are few people in the world who can constantly improve the atmosphere of a group of people, and Sylvia is certainly one of those people.

5. Her ability to find cute animal photos and her willingness to send said photos to friends in need of a cute picture. She also is very talented at finding cute animals off the internet!

6. Her sense of adventure

Sylvia may enjoy a good lazy day with the girls, but I also know she will suggest the coolest activities and places to go! I love hearing about all that Sylvia has done and all the places she's explored; she inspires me to see the world.

7. Her strong beliefs and passions

I really appreciate how Sylvia has an opinion that she is willing to stand behind and discuss. If I'm looking for a conversation on matters ranging from Taylor Swift's problematic feminism/fun music to international affairs to men being idiots, I know Sylvia will have a well-formed, interesting opinion.

9. Her wisdom & intelligence

Sylvia is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and I really value all the insight and knowledge I have gained and continue to gain from our friendship. What a smart cookie :)

11. Her taste in all media

I have loved every movie, book, and song Sylvia has recommended, and I'm pretty sure that goes for most people in her life. She knows more about rom-coms than anyone I know, and can give a pump-up song at a moment's notice.

13. Her strength

Sylvia is one of the strongest people I know, in more ways than one. I'm always inspired by that aspect of her personality, and I attempt to act with similar strength at times when I'm feeling weak.

15. Her honesty

Sometimes, people do dumb things, and they need their friends to tell them that those are things are dumb. Sometimes, those people are me... and I know I can trust Sylvia to be honest, yet kind with me. That means when she says something nice, I know it's genuine, too.

16. Her excitement over little things

There's just something lovely about being around someone who giggles over every puppy, gets excited about new Buzzfeed quizzes, and will appreciate the joy in small moments of happiness... or ice cream. :)

17. Her ranting ability

Perhaps equally important as excitement for the fun things in life is the ability to have a really good rant about the more frustrating side of things... I know that if I need to get a good complaint in, Sylvia can definitely help me out. She's not a whiney person by any means, but when something needs to be yelled about, she has the best rants of them all.

19. Her love for family and friends

There's something that will never stop making me happy about listening to Sylvia talk about someone she truly loves. Whether its her sister, dog, or a close friend, the way Sylvia talks about the people in her life shows how warm her heart is.

21. Her friendship

I am so, so lucky to be Sylvia's friend. She's one of the best friends I've ever had and she really embodies the definition of a good, true friend. I know I speak for all of Sylvia's friends when I say that we value her presence in our lives and are thankful for every moment of sunshine she has brought to us. Thank you, Sylvia for being you, and for being my friend. Here's to your best year yet.

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