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    17 Painfully Relatable Tweets About Surviving Your Ex's Return During This Summer's Retrograde

    [This is for the Editorial Fellowship] They just felt like dropping in and just expected you to be free? SMH.

    So, there are six planets retrograding at the same time right big deal...

    Mercury is the one we're most familiar with. This summer, it retrogrades from July 7th to the 31st.

    There's also the bonus side effects of sudden nostalgia and a great impulse to reach out mainly from your long lost friends, family...

    So, here are 17 of the most relatable tweets about your exes returning during retrograde to help you cope during this difficult time

    At first, you were afraid, you were petrified...

    You kept thinking you could never live without them by your side...

    y'all exes keep texting y'all during mercury retrograde because y'all don't resolve shit! retrograde is about resolving unfinished business and learning unlearned lessons. it's a second chance. it is not here to hurt you.

    But then you spent so many nights thinking how they did you wrong.....

    y’all... DONT DO IT

    But you grew strong and you learned how to get along...

    remember girlyz sometimes mercury retrograde periods are about resisting the urge to text ur ex friend, lover, etc. don't be the bullet someone else has to dodge 💫

    And so now they're back...from outer space....

    Mercury retrograde: Your ex:

    You logged in to find them online with that sad look upon their face...

    my ex just reactivated his facebook to message me cause i blocked him on everything else this is not a drill i repeat this is NOT a drill mercury retrograde coming in HOT

    You could have changed your stupid number...

    everyone: don't text your exes during mercury retrograde! me: honestly this is annoying why does everyone keep saying this me two days later: *has been in contact with 2 of my exes and multiple previous flings*

    Or you could have blocked them long ago...

    Your exes can’t text you during retrograde if they’re blocked 😊 love yourself ladies!

    If you'd only known just for one second, they'd be back to bother you....

    @ashtograss : Jess Mercury is in retrograde so watch all these people show back up out of nowhere Me: nah there’s no way that’s not tru- *ex likes a photo on IG* *dude from 2 years ago re-adds me on Snapchat* *my father texts me asking if I’ve changed my number or blocked him*

    Now, you get to tell them to 'Go on now, go...walk out the door'

    Mercury retrograde during Cancer season will have your exes calling and crying for you to comeback because they have realized the mistakes that were made and how you are literally EVERYTHING they ever wanted. Be careful Pisces, Taurus, & Virgo because this person won’t give up.

    'Just turn around now...'

    Do not talk to ur ex during retrograde, don’t do it to yourself honey

    'Coz you're not welcome anymore'

    When a Scorpios ex tries to come back during Mercury Retrograde

    'Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?'

    'You'd think I'd crumble,'

    *Mercury Retrograde Begins* My Exes and One Night Stands:

    'You think, I'd lay down and die?'

    my ex tried following me on ig lmao, its embarrassing they even tried, mercury retrograde u done fuck up

    'Oh no, not I'

    advice for mercury retrograde: - dont go back to ur ex - stay in the house - reflect/renew - get a notebook - water/baths - pause b4 u exert energy - backup ur phone - dont make any big purchases/decisions - dont get back into an old cycle - remember not 2 take everything 2 srsly

    'I will survive.'

    Everybody is all stressed about mercury retrograde but I finally threw away the pictures of my ex and blocked her on everything so idrk this might be a good one.

    Because as long as you know how to love, you know you'll stay alive