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Of Flowers, Of Gifts, Of Women And ‘Women’s Day’

I’m a rebel (brought up in a male chauvinistic society). I don’t accept without questioning. And I’m far too outspoken for my own good. This is a little something I had written about Women's Day on my blog, on behalf of every woman, who’s made/making a difference to the world in her own special way.

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First things first. Women's day, it is. A really splendid gesture to have a whole day totally dedicated to our glory, ain't it? To salute our sacrifice, to realize our importance and to marvel at our greatness – we are supposedly 'made' to feel special this one date, every year, ear-marked in a calendar year of 365/366 days. Enchanteè!

But I feel this can be made even better. How? Lemme help figure that out.

How about treating us as equals, in right and respect, rather than making us feel 'special'?

How about realizing our existence in the society when we are about and alive rather than fake-immortalizing us by marking a day in our glory?

Or even better.

How about letting us live the way we'd like to, every day, rather than allocating one day each year to let us know how privileged you are, to even co-exist with us?

How about not compartmentalizing work at home and outside – as in, I do understand men and women have different physical builds and I'm not challenging that. But how about 'not differentiating' between kids – by teaching and asking the sons too, to cook, wash, sew and clean – just like the daughters are taught and asked to. It wouldn't harm them you see, rather, it'll help sow seeds of respect for a woman right when they are kids, and encourage them to treat women as equals when they grow up.

How about us not having to wait for someone to fight for and 'give' us the rights we are entitled to, but getting to casually exercise them as easily as the men do?

It is ironical, that people look at Priyanka Chopra on Quantico and think women have it all (I'm inducing a bit of the mentality of the men of the society I'm living in). Ironical, that the larger section of the society still has women who are 'forced' to quit their jobs to take care of their children and in-laws. Ironical, that in spite of women being more educated, are still thought of as servile and assumed good enough just for the menial household chores. Ironical, that we celebrate Women's Day in a society, where the husbands still call their wives in a gesture identical to shooing off a buffalo on the road.

Ironical, but all the more apt.

Well, all I'm trying to say is –

Ye world, don't immortalize us. We'd like to live, and live with respect. That's the kind of harmony we have been looking for; not a day in our glory filled with flowers, false praises and plastic gifts. Agree?

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