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5 Times Tumblr Nailed The Difference Between Cat People And Dog People


Tumblr users have done it: They have pinned down the fundamental differences between a cat person and a dog person.

1. A cat person may dislike dogs, but a dog person dislikes cats with a fiery burning passion.

2. In fact, many cat people actually don't mind dogs. But it takes a lot to convince a dog person that cats are not soulless demons.

3. A dog person never hesitates to brag about their baby. A cat person opts for a more love-hate relationship.

4. Which makes a cat person a little less likely to defend their pet's honor in the face of insult.

5. And most cat people really have no idea what kind of cat they have.

Of course, some think maybe society's a little too obsessed with this divide.

But you gotta admit, the difference between the cat people and dog people is there.