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This Guy's Incredible Drone Video Will Make You Want To Drive Across Australia

Is there really a better place on earth?

German filmmaker Frederik Schindler journeyed along the southern coast of Australia and created this video that's nothing short of epic.

Travelling with his wife, their 45-day road trip took them from Perth to Sydney through some of the country's grandest sceneries, like the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia (left) and the majestic rock formations along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria (right).

Frederik Schindler / Via

Schindler told BuzzFeed it was easy to fall in love with Australia. "Just when you thought you've seen the most incredible views, you go back the next day and behind the next curve, there's something more incredible."

"The remoteness of some places was fascinating. You can find kilometres of pure white beaches and you are there alone. It was stunning."
Frederick Schindler / Via

Photo above was taken at Princess Pier in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

The Schindlers didn't really spend too much time planning for their road trip. This allowed them a bit of flexibility in their itinerary.

Frederik Schindler / Via

GIF above was taken at Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park, NSW.

"It was our first time in Australia and we had to limit our plans. So we narrowed down the important spots and mapped out a route. It was only on the road when we decided how long we want to stay in a certain place."

Frederik Schindler / Via

Photo above was taken at Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria.

Frederik Schindler / Via Instagram: @frederikschindler

The Schindlers' home for 45 days.

The most important part of their planning was transport.

"We bought a little cute campervan in Perth and rebuilt it so it fit our needs. We also bought a big petrol can and some water bottles as a backup in case we ran out of petrol on the road. Our biggest investment was when we spent $1,000 (AUD) at a mechanic to check and fix everything before we took off."

Frederik Schindler / Via

Photo above was taken at the Flat Rocks in Bunurong Marine National Park, Victoria.

The Schindlers hung around in Australia for a couple more months before heading back to Germany. They haven't had enough, though. They plan to come back in the coming years to explore either the top end or Tasmania.

Frederik Schindler / Via

GIF above was taken at the Pinnacles Desert, WA.

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