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    19 Funny Photos Of Animals That Will Make You Say "Literally Me"

    Me, laughing like a hyena.

    1. People from all over the world have submitted their entries for this year's Comedy Wildlife Awards. The shortlist has been announced, and they're so, very relatable.

    2. Like this fox. It's me, when I see my crush.

    3. And me, when my crush goes "hey".

    4. Also, me, when they smile.

    5. Me, when I'm laughing but need to sneeze too.

    6. Me, at a netball game.

    7. BFF: "stop stalking your ex." Me: *sneaks a peek*.

    8. Me, as a conductor.

    9. Me, being roasted.

    10. Me, when people are being SO extra.

    11. Me, when people say being shat on by birds is lucky.

    12. Me, after the five second rule.

    13. Me, when someone says "free lunch".

    14. And me, when someone gets in the way of me and my lunch.

    15. Me, having a great (free) lunch.

    16. Me, when my trainer says "15 mins on the treadmill".

    17. Me, at mum's place for dinner.

    18. Me, leaving a big stink in the bathroom.

    19. And me, snuggled in bed on a rainy day.