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    Posted on 26 Oct 2016

    19 Funny Photos Of Animals That Will Make You Say "Literally Me"

    Me, laughing like a hyena.

    1. People from all over the world have submitted their entries for this year's Comedy Wildlife Awards. The shortlist has been announced, and they're so, very relatable.

    Megan Lorenz / Barcroft Images

    A wide-eyed burrowing owlet in Florida.

    2. Like this fox. It's me, when I see my crush.

    Angela Bohlke / Barcroft Images

    A fox in Wyoming.

    3. And me, when my crush goes "hey".

    Werner Schmaeing / Barcroft Imag

    A fox in Germany.

    4. Also, me, when they smile.

    Brigitta Moser / Barcroft Images

    A meerkat in South Africa.

    5. Me, when I'm laughing but need to sneeze too.

    Yaron Schmid / Barcroft Images

    A hyena in Serengeti.

    6. Me, at a netball game.

    Rob Kroenert / Barcroft Images

    A grizzly bear in Alaska.

    7. BFF: "stop stalking your ex." Me: *sneaks a peek*.

    Ashish Inamdar / Barcroft Images

    Jungle babblers in Rajasthan.

    8. Me, as a conductor.

    Perdita Petzl / Barcroft Images

    A squirrel, location unknown.

    9. Me, being roasted.

    Austin Thomas / Barcroft Images

    African lions in Maasai Mara.

    10. Me, when people are being SO extra.

    George Dian Balan / Barcroft Images

    Rhinos in Kenya.

    11. Me, when people say being shat on by birds is lucky.

    Tom Stables / Barcroft Images

    A buffalo in Kenya.

    12. Me, after the five second rule.

    de VAULX Nicolas / Barcroft Images

    A pelican in Greece.

    13. Me, when someone says "free lunch".

    Austin Thomas / Barcroft Images

    A wild owl in England.

    14. And me, when someone gets in the way of me and my lunch.

    Anup Deodhar / Barcroft Images

    A fan-throated lizard in India.

    15. Me, having a great (free) lunch.

    Artyom Krivosheev / Barcroft Images

    A frog in Russia.

    16. Me, when my trainer says "15 mins on the treadmill".

    Vaughan Jessnitz / Barcroft Images

    A cheetah in South Africa.

    17. Me, at mum's place for dinner.

    Barb D'arpino / Barb D'Arpino / Barcroft Images

    Eastern chipmunk in Canada.

    18. Me, leaving a big stink in the bathroom.

    Caroline Tout / Barcroft Images

    A komodo dragon in Indonesia.

    19. And me, snuggled in bed on a rainy day.

    Edward Kopeschny / Barcroft Images

    A snowy owl in Canada.

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